RV Reservations

RV reservation spaces with full hookups are available at Purina Farms, both next to the Event Center and in the overflow RV lot.  The schedule for RVs is below.

  • Sun, Sept 30

    Move-in 12:00pm / Tracking

  • Mon, Oct 1


  • Tues, Oct 2

    Obedience, Rally, CCA

  • Wed, Oct 3

    Obedience, Rally, Sweepstakes

  • Thurs, Oct 4

    Obedience, Rally, Regular Conformation

  • Fri, Oct 5

    Regular Classes / Gundog Sweeps

  • Sat, Oct 6

    Best of Breed

  • Sun, Oct 7

    Move-out 12:00pm Hunt Test, WC/WCX, CCA

RV spaces are available for $335 each (US Funds) for the full week.  There is no prorated rental for a partial week.  For a layout of Purina Farms (including RV sites) there is a map available at this link.

Reservations will begin February 1, 2018, and may be cancelled without penalty through September 5, 2018.  In the event of a waitlist, final determinations of site availability will be made no later than September 12, 1018. More information can be found below on the reservation form.

If you have specific questions, please email Mike Stemmler at ns2018rv@yahoo.com

Reserved Grooming

Reserved grooming is available at Purina site. It will be under tents with ample electricity. The schedule for grooming spaces is below.

  • Tues, Oct 2

    Move-in (12:00) / CCA1&2

  • Wed, Oct 3


  • Thurs, Oct 4

    Regular Classes

  • Fri, Oct 5

    Regular Classes / Gundog

  • Sat, Oct 6

    Leave after BoB

Each $75 (US Funds) will reserve a 5’ x 10’grooming space. Indoor and outdoor bathing facilities with hot and cold water are available (bring your own towels and shampoo).  More information can be found below on the reservation form.

Reservations will be accepted beginning February 1, 2018 and will be non-refundable after September 5, 2018.

If you have specific questions, please email 2018grcagrooming@gmail.com

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There are several items that Purina Farms would like to share to help make the RV area easy for move-in and move-out.

  • Campers at Purina Farms must have a pre-reserved site in one of two designated RV lots – the full-service lot behind the Purina Event Center or the overflow lot near the Main Show Field – at Purina Farms.
    • The sites designated 45-47 in the overflow lot are reserved for events taking place at the Go To Ground Dens unless Purina Farms management authorizes an exception.
  • Upon arrival at Purina Farms, Campers must check-in with the event organizer, RV chair or Show chair to receive a parking tag. If it is outside of regular hours, campers can check-in with Purina Farms security at the front entrance gate to the property or call 636-221-1428 to get a parking tag.
  • Each camper will receive a 3 part parking tag good for one camper and 2 accompanying vehicles (note that a tow vehicle would be considered one of the 2 accompanying vehicles). The full-service Purina Event Center lot tags are red and the overflow lot tags are yellow. The large portion of the tag must be visible inside the camper at all times. The 2 tear off cards should be placed in each of the 2 vehicles accompanying the camper, and must also be visible at all times.
    • The event organizer, RV chair, Show chair or security will retain the small part of the parking stub for proof of check-in.
  • A camper, along with the 2 vehicles, must fit within the size limits of each designated site, which may mean unhooking. Campers and accompanying vehicles should not block roadways or they will be asked to move. If accompanying vehicles do not fit in the designated site, then they may be parked in the regular North parking lot in front of the building.
  • Any campers arriving before their scheduled times may be placed in a holding area on property by security or may be asked to leave and come back when the lots open up. Holding areas include the lower Main Show Field parking lot or the Outdoor Agility Field parking lot.
  • Night owls and early risers, please be mindful of your fellow campers by keeping all noise levels low between the quiet hours of 11 p.m. and 6 a.m. Campers coming in after 11p.m. will be directed to a holding lot by security so as not to disrupt other overnight guests.
  • Purina Farms security regularly monitors the lots and is available on property 24/7.
  • In case of a medical emergency in one of the lots, call Purina Farms security (see important contact numbers) or 911. In the evening or after hours, guests needing medical attention should leave their camper’s lights on allowing the response team to easily identify the appropriate vehicle.
  • Purina Farms offers additional equipment for campers (hoses, etc..) for purchase if needed. Visit the administrative offices on the second floor the Purina Event Center or the Pro Plan Hospitality Room on the first floor of the Purina Event Center to inquire about purchasing equipment. Also, please notify Purina Farms management if you are having any difficulties with the hook-ups, including electric. Call security if you can’t locate Purina Farms management within the Purina Event Center.
  • Other general items to note:
    • No parking on grass
    • All dogs must remain on leash unless inside a vehicle or competing
    • Motorized vehicles, which includes golf carts, are not allowed except in the case when a medical condition or disability requires the use of one or prior authorization is obtained from Purina Farms management and event organizers.
    • Grilling is permitted in the lots, but guests should let the coals burn out overnight, bag them the next day and put them in a trash barrel.
    • No campfires are allowed on the property.

If you have specific questions, please email our RV chair Mike Stemmler at ns2018rv@yahoo.com